Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Binge eating

Binge eating

Bingeing or Binge eating is a disorder in which someone eats far more than required. It is a vicious cycle which knowingly or unknowingly forces a person to indulge in overeating. I feel up to some extent we all Binge. Don’t take me incorrectly, in other words we all crave for different food and when it is in front of us we generally overeat what we like most. But Binge eating as a habit is few levels higher then food craving. It result in overeating of certain food items repeatedly even though we are already full and we know it well. This leads to weight gain and sometimes no weight loss even after exercising.

So here I am sharing few key points which I have discovered while my weight loss journey, which may be useful for you also.


1.     Busy Bee-Be a busy bee, keep yourself engage in other activities so you will not think of food, occupy yourself with things you love. Try to learn new things or do some challenging task which you always procrastinate. In this way you can divert your mind from your craving.

2.     Hide your greed-I always keep all snacks and chocolates which I love most at quite unapproachable place at my home so they will not be always in front of my eyes.

3.     No more cookery shows please-When I watch any cookery show of tempting dish I always have desire to try. And sometimes I try that dish on the same day itself, so I quit watching cookery shows of tempting desserts and snacks, instead I engage myself in exploring low calories salad recipes.

4.     Calorie counters-If you have chart of what all the calories you have eaten in a day how much you are left for, you can easily manage to adjust your craving in a remaining calories bracket this habit will somehow restrict you from overeating.
5.     Substitutes-I know I crave for desserts after having my meals.so I satisfy my craving by eating a fig or a date they are sweet and healthy simultaneously so opt for your own healthy options for substituting junk from gem food.

6.     Plan your meal ahead-Make plan of your weekly meals including snacks. This will help you include all nutrition in your diet and this is a budget friendly approach since it will make use of all items available in your refrigerator, specially plan your evening snack because this is most vulnerable time when we eat fried and unhealthy snacks.

7.     Pack some healthy snacks in zip lock bag-Generally when we are hungry we grab anything and start eating them.so make small packs of healthy snack which you can grab when you are hungry and you have no time. Zip -lock begs packing will provide single serving according to your diet and help portion control.

8.     Maintain distance with kitchen and fridge-Sometimes we frequently go in the kitchen and open fridge again and again and see some tempting leftover or piece of chocolate and unnecessary eat them even if we are not hungry.

9.     H2O –Many times we feel like eating something even if we are not hungry.so have glass of fresh water it may sometimes satisfy unnecessary craving of our stmoch.So always carry a bottle of water with you. If you don’t like plain water you can flavor it by dropping some slices of lemon, cucumber or you favorite berries.




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