Saturday, February 15, 2014

Review-Essence Long Lasting Lipstick –On the Catwalk

Hello Beauties,

Today I am giving my opinion on Essence Long Lasting Lipstick 04 –On the Catwalk. It is a red color lipstick and red is one of my favorite colors. The shade of lipstick is a beautiful pinkish red not very loud and bold red. It is a good creamy lipstick which provide moister to lips. The texture of lipstick after application resembles like a tinted lip balm but slightly more pigmented then a lip balm. You need to apply two to three of swipes to obtain optimal color. Lips look bit glazy and shiny after application.

This lipstick comes in black packaging with a center rim to indicate shade of lipstick. It is a soft creamy glossy lipstick in texture but does not does not bleed at all. This lipstick works well with pigmented lips and gives a full coverage and radiant look. Essence sells this product with “Long Lasting “tag but I certainly did not find it long lasting at all. It remains on my lips for about max 2-3 hours and afterwards it fades off and just remain on outer peripherals of lips. If I fill my lips with lip liner before then this lipstick surely stay for much longer time.

Price-Approx. 2.95 Euro

Shelf Life- 2years
· Beautiful Shade
· Steady packaging.
· Does not dry out lips.
· Affordable price.
· Lasting power is so poor.
· Leaves uneven patches.
· Availability in India.
· Transfers a lot.
Rating- 3/5


Final Verdict-This is a beautiful color, and I love to play with colors so I like this lipstick except the overhead of reapplication.

Stay Beautiful
Shikha Agrawal

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